Management & Communications

With over a decade of experience in all the areas necessary to make your organization successful, I provide the leadership to get things done. I’ve worked with a nonprofit developer, a national environmental organization, a private university, a social service agency, a local municipality, a county homeless organization, and many local small businesses.

Yoga, Chair Yoga & Meditation

Yoga is whatever you make it. No matter what your abilities, yoga is for you. My motto is ‘If you can breathe, you can do yoga!’ Some of my students are in their 80′s and 90′s. Many use walkers or wheelchairs. Others have chronic conditions. They all do yoga with me and feel great! You can practice yoga too.

Blogs: Rockville View and Trying Not to Bneg

The newest online publication is Rockville View! A local, community news site attempting to make local news successful. My personal blog is Since 2007 I have written on self-improvement, yoga, leadership, and community building.

TV Show & Video Production

The best way to reach people online is with video. I’m a certified Studio & Field Producer, Camera Technician, and Video Editor (Final Cut Pro) at Montgomery Community Media. My TV show is YogaForYou.TV. I can meet your video needs.